What is K9 Security?

Adequate security is multi-faceted, protecting a business, home, or event space. As part of many security guard services, it may be necessary to hire a K9 security guard. By utilizing the superior senses of a guard dog, a security detail can observe an area much more effectively. In many ways, canines and their handlers are simply unmatched for the sole purpose of protection. K9 security directs to a security unit that performs its duties with the assistance of dogs. These guards and their dogs, commonly known as “canine units,” can be used for one-off events -, concerts, commercial events – or as part of a long-term security strategy, whether for private properties or commercial sites.

Benefits of K9 security

There are many reasons to hire dog security services. Those who do see several benefits:

Heightened senses:

 Dogs can detect sounds four times farther than humans, not to mention their incredible sense of smell. Dog handlers can use these skills to perform their duties better.

Cost-effective solution:

 For several reasons, a K9 security dog ​​is much cheaper than an equivalent security officer. A K9 security guard service covers more ground, so you spend your money more efficiently. In addition, there is a lower insurance premium compared to armed guards.

Safe for the public:

The training required to become a security dog ​​is intensive, meaning that dangerous or unpredictable animals do not qualify. K9 security guard service companies supply dogs that are utterly loyal to their handler. They will not act aggressively towards friendly public, making them a viable choice for many environments.


K9 security types

As we know, there are quite various types of security guards, and K9 units work differently. While many security K9 types share similar roles and responsibilities, certain situations may require a unique approach.

Manned K9 Security

Static security refers to individuals stationed at a checkpoint, which is often an entrance or area of ​​vulnerability. These trained professionals act as a visual deterrent. Adding K9 security dog further deters intruders or criminals.


After learning that dogs have four times better hearing than humans and can run at speeds of up to 30(48 km/h), trespassers think twice. A highly trained K9 security guard unit is a clear indicator of a comprehensive security strategy, making it a highly effective threat prevention method.


Manned K9 security is always on the alert, precisely what you need for crucial entrances and access points. While a security dog ​​is a friendly face to law-abiding persons passing through, it is alarming to those with ill intentions.

Mobile K9 Patrol

A mobile patrol security involves a marked vehicle regularly visiting your workplace to conduct perimeter and interior inspections. This is usually done at regular intervals throughout the day, especially during quieter times such as evenings and weekends. The K9 security service may change its schedule, so thieves do not recognize any pattern.


Mobile patrol security guards respond to an alarm quickly, although this alone may not deter persistent criminals. However, when  K9 security guards react to a possible break-in, they use the security dog’s much superior sense of smell, vision, and hearing to detect threats quickly.


The mobile patrol K9 is the best solution when time is at a premium. There is no running away from a security dog, just as there is no hiding from them. Those with high-value workshops or warehouses should consider K9 mobile patrol security guards, especially if these assets are left unattended or located in remote areas.

Do I need to hire K9 Security?

When a situation calls for a comprehensive solution, there is no alternative to K9 security services. Guard dogs are another aspect of the security detail that extends the scope of protection with their specialized skills.

Metropolitan Guards

Metropolitan Guards, Australia’s leading provider of industrial K9 guard dog services, use advanced strategies and techniques to keep workplaces and commercial premises safe. We are also able to offer specific requirements for K9 guard dogs for clients.

Metropolitan Guards will carry out a risk assessment and analysis during our initial security consultation to accurately understand your needs. We also offer temporary site segregation services to provide secure perimeters for rapid response.

For further inquiries regarding Metropolitan Guards’ K9 security services, call 1300 73 11 73.

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