Construction Site Safety

The construction industry is mostly a hunt for criminal activity, including robberies and vandalism. The absence of proper construction site security officer  measures on the site can cost you hefty losses. With this problem in mind, construction sites must consider their proper construction site security services. That’s why we’ve put together many measures you can take to secure your construction site against crime. Due to robberies and vandalism, along with some other crimes, the construction industry is said to lose several million dollars every year. These expenses include damage repairs, equipment replacement costs, rental of replacement equipment, loss of business, and increased insurance premiums. According to the survey, around 90% of construction sites suffer from such thefts. In addition, approximately 2 million acts of vandalism are reported each year. The construction industry should therefore be concerned about the costs and consequences of theft and vandalism. So here we will shine a light on those areas that require mobile patrol security services, construction site security, or other security guard services.

  • Passage and Exit Points

Without legitimate hiring of a construction site security officer at every passage and exit from the construction site, anyone can come in and out without your knowledge. With the help of a construction site security officer, we can cover and secure all passageways and exits.

  • Material and Machinery Warehouse

The primary target of any criminal, and thus quite possibly the most dangerous zones on a construction site, is an expensive material and a significant accumulation of massive equipment.

  • Responsibility

To limit safety chances arising on the construction site, you should ensure that each worker is responsible and accountable for any equipment they use by maintaining and keeping records of the equipment inventory. Additionally, you can encourage representatives to bring their devices to the job site to avoid the danger of collected devices. Further, if employees are responsible for using the equipment, it can discourage inappropriate behavior by someone working on the site. Accountability can help solve this problem and prevent any criminal conduct.

  • Mobile Patrol Security Services

Construction sites present significant security risks, so it is worth considering hiring a mobile patrol security guard with highly trained construction site security officers registered with the relevant authorities. Security guard services can provide on-demand experts who screen and protect the construction site when no one is working. The later and foggier hours are often the best of the dangers. Recruiting a monitored security guard to patrol the area can deter crooks and prevent any illegal movement, such as defacement.

  • Surveillance Cameras

The introduction of CCTV can also be a solid deterrent to anyone considering a burglary. When using CCTV, it will not be possible to record and screen if there are any security issues or questionable behavior. If your construction site is hit, the surveillance cameras will record the event at that point, which can be used to report the crime to the police. CCTV evidence is crucial and successful in prosecuting criminals. Subsequently, CCTV can deter and prevent criminals from committing crimes.

  • Community

To enhance site safety and security, it is valuable to display signs in your immediate area to report any suspicious movement or anti-social behavior. Additionally, include a phone number or email address so that your local area can contact you without much of a stretch about any security concerns they have. Working with your local area and getting their help will encourage individuals to report suspicious behavior, and you will also be admitting criminal activity.

Following these five tips and advice, you can determine if you need a construction site security service at your site. If so, Metropolitan Guards can help you find the best construction site security services in Melbourne and Sydney.

We have 24/7 security services and are always available for consultation. We offer innovative technologies to our clients and have high-quality security guard services designed for each business to meet its needs. Our excellent customer service and positive reviews from our best clients and businesses help us improve the experience and keep their businesses, homes, and other places safe and secure. To learn more about our security services and find the best security services for your business, please get in contact with our dedicated team of experts at 1300 73 11 73.

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