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Muck Up Day, or sometimes now known by the more politically correct name “Celebration Day”, is the day marking Year 12 final day of formal schooling. It’s a time usually marked by a bit of mischievous fun. It is quickly coming to that time of the year when those adolescents in the later part of […]

Many golf tournaments offer high-value material and cash prizes thus calling for additional security. Modern video security technology and security patrol is increasingly being used on the golf course. Traditional golf course security concerns centered on vandalism, trespassing, and burglary. These are still important but have less significance than they used to in the face […]

Educational establishments must create a safe and secure environment for their students, staff and visitors. To provides school security & its education clients with the highly qualified security professionals they need to assure optimal protection from violent attacks, theft or vandalism. We ensure a safe and secure school environment for all. We are active in creating safety policies, […]

Burglaries and vandalism are the common occurrences as in cities apartment security has become necessary for every tenant and landlord. In fact, some cities and states it has become part of the landlord-tenant laws to ensure the safety of their tenants. As residents always prefer safe properties and environments, landlords of apartment rentals have make […]

Good planning is essential to construction site security, preventing theft of valuable construction materials and tools. Equipment and material theft is a major source of loss for contractors. During a construction project, there are always going to be security threats specific to construction sites that can be difficult to manage. Unprotected sites will have a […]

In recent years, the retail industry has shifted its focus increasingly toward more security-centered business processes. Every retail store owner needs to think seriously about preventing theft from a profit and loss perspective, but more importantly, they need to understand their responsibility in providing employees with a safe and secure work environment, especially in the […]

Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations and responsive and friendly customer service. How can hoteliers ensure that their property provides as secure an environment as possible, while maintaining friendly customer service and security? It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about […]

Hospitals have hundreds of visitors. They come to see friends and family, while ambulances bring in those who are ill or need emergency care. With all of these people coming and going, hospitals need to insure the safety of patients and staff. Hospitals are often viewed as safe places where people go to be healed […]

Retail stores need to hire security companies for many reasons including loss prevention, store security, rule enforcement and many more. The store management relies on the security company to analyze security threats and to devise a security plan accordingly. Post orders should be provided for the security guard to execute the security plan, to establish […]

Local businesses owners wear many hats. From customer support to operations manager to marketing, they literally do it all. On top of that, crime occurring on business premises is an unfortunate reality. Some businesses, such as retail stores, financial institutions, and clothing stores, may be more susceptible to crime than other types, but a wide […]

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