Building / Corporate Concierge Security Guards

Building / Corporate Concierge Security Guards


Quality is everything in terms of concierge and building security in Melbourne. Contrary to providing a  parking lot or mobile patrol security, maintaining a customer connection is essential.  Metropolitan guards are well-groomed, skilled and have the requisite knowledge of their profession. Our concierge security in Melbourne and Sydney is well informed about the specific rules that apply to the particular demands of our clients. If you are looking for corporate security hire to secure your site and business from every kind of theft and threat, then connect with Metropolitan security guards because we offer a complete package of corporate security guards in Melbourne who are fully vetted and always report in proper uniform with their identity cards. Metropolitan concierge guards offer an advanced level of situational awareness, a solid command of communication, and a commitment to presentation perfection.  Our professionally trained concierge security guards greet guests warmly and answer their queries.

From small-scale to large commercial buildings, we are acknowledged for providing the best concierge and building security services in Melbourne and Sydney. Our team is proficient at checking out for any unusual activity while working. Additionally, they ensure that no illegitimate person is entering your home, building or officeOur security concierge handles the duty of a security officer vigilantly.

We constantly monitor our guards’ performance besides ensuring the safety of our officers, too, whilst they are observantly performing their duty.

Key benefits of hiring a Metropolitan building security Melbourne and Concierge security guards:

  1. Our building security guards inspect everybody who enters the site to see if they are familiar and well-known.
  2. Corporate security guards in Melbourne do not allow unauthorised personnel or trespassers into the building.
  3. Corporate security guards in Melbourne communicate with a superior level of hospitality.
  4. Our concierge Security Melbourne also provides consistent security from rooftops to garages and assigned areas.
  5. Our concierge Security Melbourne always carries their identity cards and is fully vetted.
  6. Metropolitan security guards always assist in first aid emergencies.
  7. Our building officers work as a visible deterrent to all suspicious theft activities and vandalism.
  8. Our concierge Security Melbourne provides accurate and precise reports of all shifts’ irregularities.
  9. Our licensed guards use the latest technology devices to communicate and respond promptly to a particular situation.
  10. Our security guards provide a high level of customer service.
  11. Our building guards also check employee badges if asked by the organisation.
  12. Metropolitan security guards can also manage post shifts other than the assigned shift.
  13. Our building guards can secure your premises and employees by patrolling your property.
  14. Our building guards will inspect your building and access points thoroughly.
  15. Metropolitan building guards can also conduct on and off COVID checks on employees, ensuring the safety of the workplace and employees.
  16. Our building officers respond instantly if anyone is found guilty of violating rules and policies.
  17. Besides safeguarding the building, the building security Melbourne also keeps an eye on public areas to detect potential threats, thieves and vandals.
  18. Our building and concierge security guards possess clear police records.
  19. Our building security Melbourne always aims to protect the company’s confidentiality.
  20. Metropolitan concierge and building security guards also provide escorts to guests to their conveyance if requested by the guests.

Aside from providing all the services mentioned above, we only follow the requirements of our clients and work for them according to their expectations.

So the quest for finding a corporate Security hire is over. What are you waiting for? Let’s hire an award-winning and ISO-certified concierge security Melbourne, who strictly follows an official sign-in and sign-out procedure and identifies any work property employees are carrying out the door.

For more on any of our guarding and protective services, contact us on 1300 73 11 73.

We Offer These Solutions

Building Security Corporate Concierge metrogaurds services 1

Building Security / Corporate Concierge

Security licensed and trained customer Service staff.

Corporate Concierge metrogaurds services

Corporate Concierge

We offer discreet security skilled protection to greet visitors at building entrance.

Risk Management metrogaurds services

Risk Management

At Metro Guards we help you to accomplish a superior degree of comprehension and control over security risks.

Education Sector metrogaurds services

Education Sector

We have years of experience in education industry by working closely with some of most prestige Australian Institutions.

Shopping Centre Security metrogaurds services

Shopping Centre Security

Security solution dedicated and tailored as per the centre needs and international industry trends.

Enhanced Live Reporting metrogaurds services

Enhanced/Live Reporting

We provide complimentary live monitoring options and supply daily activity reporting to our clients.

Compliant metrogaurds services


MGS comply with highest industry and international standard of Quality, Safety and Environment including ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001.

27 7 operation centre metrogaurds services


State wide 24/7 Operation Centre that coordinates all the resources needed to respond quickly.

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