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Metropolitan guards also deal in canine security services with years of experience in this field. Hiring our top-rated k9 security guards is the ultimate solution to a welcoming, safe environment.  We offer highly flexible canine services that can be deployed in various high-alert situations. The presence of K9 security guards makes the thieves and intruders alert and cautious of not performing any break-ins. Metropolitan security dogs can detect trespassers and burglars from the crowd even with zero visibility. Our dogs are environment tolerant, have undistracted attention towards the case and have exceptional endurance. Moreover, they are fearless and loyal. Security and protection are naturally installed in the instincts of our K9 security dogs. Our K9 dogs run after every intruder and protect their leader. Metropolitan K9 security dogs are heat-seeking missiles that protect you and your business for every fraction of your cost. Our private security hire Melbourne is capable of protecting large areas that need extensive coverage. The threat is more likely to prevail in areas where large spaces are left unsecured.

Places where you need K9 security services:

  • Car parking
  • Corporate sectors
  • Buildings and grounds
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • School and industrial site

Intruders always plan to attempt their activities at night, sometimes hiding in targetted places and emerging after some hours. In such scenarios, K9 security services are the best option to be hired because dogs can detect and smell danger far before a human does. Our K9 security guards also offer risk analyses to understand the demands of our clients.

Our K9 security guards are the leading security providers in the Melbourne security industry, offering high-end security guard services to keep your parking lot, corporate sectors, warehouses and much more safe and secure.

Key benefits of hiring our K9 security services Melbourne:

  1. Metropolitan k9 security guards work closely with their dogs to seize criminals.
  2. Our private security hire Melbourne provides prompt patrolling of the assigned location with their trained dog.
  3. In case of any suspicious activity, our k9 security guards may attempt arrests and issue citations.
  4. We provide highly professional K9 security services to provide you assistance at crime scenes and secure all evidence collected from crime locations.
  5. Metropolitan private security hire Melbourne will write detailed reports of the happening.
  6. We can guard commercial and residential sites without causing any disaster.
  7. No matter what, our dogs are heat missiles; they can tolerate all environmental changes staying alert whilst on duty with their guard.
  8. Our k9 officer uses canines to issue public orders to enhance the effect of a visible security presence.
  9. Our security officers have complete control of their dogs as a source of potential strength.

Aside from providing all the services mentioned above, we only follow the requirements of our clients and work for them according to their expectations.

For more on any of our guarding and protective services, contact us on 1300 73 11 73.

We Offer These Solutions

Security Personnel metrogaurds services

Security Personnel

Our highly trained professionals offer site supervision services that employ a high level of security at an affordable cost.

Covert Personnel metrogaurds services

Covert Personnel

Our Loss Prevention covert officers may be used at variety of locations.

Alarm Responsee metrogaurds services

Alarm Response

Our alarm response team is equipped with latest alarm response technology, delivering one of the most efficient response systems available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Risk Management metrogaurds services

Risk Management

Metro Guards are working with some of the biggest Australian retail stores in order to implement the most effective and lowest risk solution.

Building Security Corporate Concierge metrogaurds services 1

Building Security / Corporate Concierge

Security licensed and trained customer Service staff.

Enhanced Live Reporting metrogaurds services

Enhanced/Live Reporting

We provide complimentary live monitoring options and supply daily activity reporting to our clients.

Compliant metrogaurds services


MGS comply with highest industry and international standard of Quality, Safety and Environment including ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001.

27 7 operation centre metrogaurds services


State wide 24/7 Operation Centre that coordinates all the resources needed to respond quickly.

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