Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Mobile petrol metropolitans guards services


We have you covered. We stand out amongst all other security companies who offer mobile security patrols. Our company’s first line of defence is mobile patrol security guards from the Metropolitan guards’ services. We offer cost-effective mobile patrol security to protect the company and location ingeniously. Our patrols do regular security checks with alarm responses and staff escorts. Moreover, our mobile security is also instructed to remove all trespassers and ensure everyone has left the building at closure time. During the inspection visit, our security officers ensure the site is fully secured and under control. Metropolitan mobile staff escorts also provide lock and unlock services. They are well-trained, highly detail-oriented and driven enough to carry out their duties proficiently. Metropolitan mobile patrol security guards work by streamlining our policies, eliminating contradictions, and making our procedures simpler for our clients to understand, adhere to, and inspire them to take on the challenge.

Metropolitan guards know a variety of tactics and levels of intensity to deal with challenging situations. Mobile patrol security guards use state-of-the-art technology to secure your corporate site.

Benefits of Hiring Our Mobile Patrol Officers:

  1. We have highly professional and licensed staff escorts.
  2. Our Mobile patrol security guards always aim to provide friendly and effective customer support service for our clients and all persons in the work area.
  3. Our patrol officers leave no stone unturned to keep the premises safe and secure.
  4. We provide roving staff escorts and patrol for internal and external site inspection.
  5. Metropolitan mobile staff escorts also deal in lock and unlock services.
  6. Metropolitan mobile patrol security guards provide highly efficient alarm responses.
  7. Our security guards assist in emergencies and evacuations.
  8. Our mobile patrol officers have a clean driving history.
  9. Metropolitan security guards observe and report the situations.
  10. Metropolitan security officers are highly trained in providing health and safety protocols.
  11. They always write and submit accurate reports.
  12. Metropolitan mobile patrol officers also report safety against any fire outbreak.
  13. Our mobile officers provide reliable and efficient communication with a dispatch.
  14. Our officers always carry effective communication equipment and tools.
  15. Metropolitan officers adopt conflict resolution and negotiation techniques in case needed.
  16. Our officers always have a keen eye for detecting problems and taking proactive measures.
  17. Our mobile officers provide easy-on-pocket security solutions.

Aside from providing all the services mentioned above, we only follow the requirements of our clients and work for them according to their expectations.

Metropolitan security guards are driven by a firm culture of integrity and helpfulness. Our values are paramount to our corporate culture. Metropolitan mobile security hire comes from different walks of life and has various skills installed. They carry the vision of safeguarding your business and assets at the heart of the company’s operation, allowing the clients to maintain their abilities to generate profits.

We Never Skimp on Security

In an emergency, our mobile security patrols can arrive swiftly, providing quick solutions that effectively handle the situation.

Never hesitate to contact us anytime to hire a mobile security guard. Pick up your phone and call your award-winning and ISO-certified security!

For more on any of our guarding and protective services, contact us on 1300 73 11 73.


We Offer These Solutions

Construction Sites metrogaurds service

Mobile Security Patrol

All our mobile patrol guards are highly trained in the latest guarding and protection techniques to ensure quick responses to adverse situations are achieved.

Security Signage metrogaurds services

Security Signage

Metro Guards will display highly visible security signage outside your property to dissuade threats.

Alarm Responsee metrogaurds services

Alarm Response

Our alarm response team is equipped with latest alarm response technology, delivering one of the most efficient response systems available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Construction Sites metrogaurds service

Construction Sites

Through our industry background and experience we have devised the best systems and procedures on construction site security.

Building Security Corporate Concierge metrogaurds services 1

Building Security / Corporate Concierge

Security licensed and trained customer Service staff

Enhanced Live Reporting metrogaurds services

Enhanced/Live Reporting

We provide complimentary live monitoring options and supply daily activity reporting to our clients.

Compliant metrogaurds services


MGS comply with highest industry and international standard of Quality, Safety and Environment including ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001.

27 7 operation centre metrogaurds services


State wide 24/7 Operation Centre that coordinates all the resources needed to respond quickly.

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