What is event security?

When planning an event, it is necessary to have event security guard team ready in case an accident happens during the event. You have to ensure the security of the event, people and venue. Everything should go according to your security guard services plan, requiring some additional security measures and protocols to be implemented. Event security involves much more than deploying large numbers of event security guards. The whole process is quite complex and requires extensive communication and coordination. With the proper security guard services, you can ensure the safety of guests and staff at the event. In addition, you will prevent damage to the venue itself and related property and items used in the event. We offer unmatched protection and event security in Melbourne and Sydney. Our professional security team understands event organizers’ requirements and will help you get the required solutions. We will assess your event and provide security preparation and threat prevention strategies for crowd control and emergency response.

Some of the event security services we provide

  • Traffic management and crowd control
  • Managing access to restricted areas
  • Booth security and patrol
  • Emergency response
  • Security inspections in the venue and meeting locations
  • Coordinating with event staff to address security risks
  • Controlling access at entrances and exits
  • Monitoring the perimeter of the venue
  • Managing disruptions that could impact the flow of events
  • Communicating with law enforcement
  • Responding to unruly attendees or violent situations

Tips to reduce risk in an event

When planning your event, there is a need to ensure proper security. You should know all the event security tips, and don’t assume you don’t need protection just because you’re planning a small event. You need to know the importance of event security and remember that getting a security team is not just about dealing with the worst possible scenario of an event.

Keep your security measures visible.

The main goal of event security is not to respond to threats but rather to prevent risks and accidents in the event. Therefore, it is best if the would-be agitator can see all your security measures and equipment.

Making your event security guards team and equipment visible is one of the best practices to reduce the risk of an event, and your attendees can also feel safe during the event. On the other hand, hiding your security devices or keeping your security team secret during an event will not prevent risk but will cause more damage and threats. 

If you keep your security measures hidden, troublemakers will think the event is not protected by security, allowing them to start causing trouble.

Set security checkpoints

One of the best tips for securing events and keeping people safe from security threats is to conduct checkpoints outside the gathering so attendees can pass and get inside. This action can force the agitators to confront your security or registration staff before damaging your event.

So, instead of setting up the registration desk right in front of the venue entrance, it would be more suitable to place it a few hundred feet away in the event hall. This allows your security personnel to quickly block an intruder trying to enter and cause trouble in the crowd.

Collect ID during registration

Collecting identification or ID in advance when registering is essential to ensure they belong to the event. Collecting more personal information such as name, address, date of birth, age, etc., will make it difficult for an intruder or agitator to copy someone’s identity.

Ideally, you should require the guest to send you a copy of their ID before the event so that you can compare it with their ID at the gate. It is the best way to confirm identification and one of the best practices to reduce the risk of an event. For example, if someone doesn’t bring a valid ID or their ID doesn’t match their registration details, it’s best not to let them in.

On the other hand, if you do not require pre-registration to attend the event, you must check their belongings before entering the event. You can use magnetometers wherever possible, but sometimes it becomes a performance issue. In this situation, you can use a handheld metal detector wand as an alternative.

Develop an Emergency Plan

You don’t want to sit on-site with your security team to create an emergency response plan during the event. So it is better to develop an emergency plan before the event. The plan’s primary purpose is to design a course of action that everyone will implement in an emergency.

The plan should include:

  • Several methods of the mass evacuation of event participants.
  • Location of safe rooms or areas in the event.
  • How staff will communicate during an emergency.
  • How to direct guests in an emergency.

Check out your team

Another thing you should pay attention to in event security is the people you work with—conduct background checks on your employees. If your team doesn’t work together often, it’s a good idea to introduce them to each other before the event. 

You can instruct them to watch out for people who don’t belong on the team. You can also give your team a unique identifier on the day of the event for easy recognition.

Event security has become a significant factor in securing any event. Even the best-laid event plans can turn tragic without security guard services measures, especially if you plan to serve alcohol at the event. It is essential to hire an event security guard to ensure the safety of the event and the people, no matter what kind of event you plan to create.

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