Myths About Security Officers

Hiring security officers in Melbourne is often misunderstood for a variety of reasons. Here are some common misconceptions you need to be aware of. Most people think that only a man can wear a security guard uniform. Then some people think of the security guard as someone with a brooding face. Some even believe that they not supposed to treat people well. Another popular myth is that a watchman is a lazy person who is constantly busy eating. You are living in a false sense of protection if you are one of them. Such myths were created by TV shows, speculation, and pure imagination.

To help you better understand the security industry, here we debunk some common myths about hiring security officers in Melbourne.

  1. There is No Female Security Guard. All Guards are Male

There is no doubt that men dominate this industry. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any women in this field. According to a survey, 23 percent of professionals in the security industry are women. And the demand for protection is on the rise around the globe. While the presence of a female security guard makes people feel comfortable, most security firms hire them to bring a fresh attitude to their lineup.

  1. Security Guards Should be Big and Muscular

While a big and muscular guard can deter a troublemaker, observation skills and presence of mind are more important. Then a robust, menacing-looking guard may not be suitable for a corporate environment. Retail sectors prefer a retail security officer who can assist customers and has a “friendly” appearance. The key here is that the skill and temperament of the guard are more critical than their build.

  1. No Training is Required for Security Guards

A security guard is your top line of defense against any law enforcement agency. And being up to the task of protecting someone is no fun. Security should skilled and organized to handle different situations. They are more than someone standing with a baton in hand. They trained in reporting, responding, and managing clients. It is the responsibility of a security guard to adhere to a set of codes and requirements. Every state requires a sitter to be trained, certified, and licensed. Some states mandate 40 hours of training for a guard to become licensed.

  1. Crime is the Only Thing That Security Guards are Responsible

A watchdog’s role extends beyond simply providing protection. Reporting to the client is expected. They can play an additional role in assisting customers in the grocery store. They can give directions to a lost individual. In this way, the watchman has to fulfill many duties, regardless of whether they are official or not.

  1. Hiring Security Officers in Melbourne is Expensive

It’s not just the big wigs or massive institutions surrounded by security. There are many security companies that offer budget-friendly services. It is feasible for small business owners to hire security personnel as well. And the cost of hiring security officers in Melbourne is not huge compared to the potential damage or break-in.

  1. Security Guards are Lazy, and Their Job is Tedious

If the guards are lazy, then no one would hire them to protect them. They should be active and alert. This misconception is attributed mainly to television shows where they are portrayed as someone snoring on a stool or eating a snack in a monitoring room. One more thing – their work is not tedious. They must be vigilant because they never know when to prepare for something unpleasant. In addition, security service companies have various ways to increase the productivity of their security guards.


These are some common misinterpretations about hiring security officers in Melbourne. It is necessary for a security guard to remain alert and perform skills in order to ensure the safety of the public. For this reason Metropolitan Guards are here to provide you with the best security guard services to ensure the safety and security of your premises. Just dial 1300 73 11 73 to know how we can help you with your security needs.

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