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Attending an event is always fun, but managing and planning event security Melbourne is the most complicated task. Think that the safety of 100 people rests on your shoulders. However, omitting any factor in security planning can put their lives at risk. So are you sure you know the basics of event security  Melbourne? If you are looking for an expert opinion on the security of the event and its safe progress, you are in the right place. After a lengthy discussion with security experts, we proposed the following factors.

Tips for Planning and Managing Event Security in Melbourne

If you focus on the following factors for event security, you can effortlessly avoid any danger.

Inspection of the Venue from the Inside

The first thing you must do is check the place from the inside. Furthermore, the event security guards should check how many ways to enter the venue besides the main one. A porous path can be anything from a window or door. If there is any porous path, all event security guards should be aware of it. Additional security officers should be present at suspected locations. Or, if the venue is outside, make a temporary fence around it. Now assign a security guard to perform duty outside the border.

Risks of Major Attacks

It makes us feel bad to mention it, but it has to be said. We all know that large crowds are easy targets for attacks. A single person can effortlessly create a panic situation just by shouting. So when planning your event security, this point should be at the top of your list. The security personnel present at the site should be vigilant and active. Event security guards must be keen to spot any abnormal behavior at the party. For security reasons, each guest’s luggage must be checked at the entrance. In addition, they should be prohibited from bringing in any contraband.

Crowd Control

A rowdy crowd always spoils the fun at any event. You may need to give extra attention to crowd control. The best crowd control security procedure starts at the entrance. Monitor the registration area with cameras and live guards—Mark the area with yellow tape or cones to avoid cutting. Additionally, if a crowd gets out of control in the middle of an event, ask them to leave immediately. Do not let anyone block the exit or entrance. Make sure the venue never gets more than capacity. Find out the volume of the place and invite accordingly.

Emergency Plans

Various plans should be prepared in case of any emergency. It would help if you could bring any situation to the staff’s attention. Crowd control security should include technical and medical personnel. In addition, you should be prepared for the following;

  • How will guests leave the venue in the event of an emergency?
  • Have you shared all plans with your staff?
  • Is the security trustworthy? Have you checked their criminal background?
  • How safe is the location where you are holding the event?
  • How will you inform guests of a panic situation?


Your task doesn’t end when you assign a team to their respective tasks. In short, you have to keep an eye on them to check how well they are doing. Each employee should have a wireless walkie-talkie to stay in touch with each other. All private conversations with the team of event security Melbourne should not be leaked to any third party. In addition, you should hire an investigator to check that no member of the security team reveals information to outsiders, which increases the chances of risks.

Management Overview Over and Over Again

Here’s the last thing. Check the layout and crowd control security form again and again. Once guests start arriving, you should pay extra attention. Never let anyone have a single chance to complain. Monitor the activity of the event security guards from the monitoring room. In addition to checking the security team, check the activities of the venue staff. Chances are they might do something suspicious. Keep a healthy champion separated near the venue in case of emergency. We hope you can now secure your event with this kit. Make sure you implement all the above points. Managing and planning an event must undoubtedly be a complex and time-consuming task, but if you give your full attention and commitment, you can successfully overcome the job. Present yourself as an expert in managing every detail. Finally, if you find this content valuable, please share your notes in the comments below.

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