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What are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring security guards? If you have the largest property and are always out of your house, hire a home security guard who is experienced and trained in the best approach to ensure the protection of your place. They are also effective when there is a tenacious danger to the home or people. However, security guards are just an extra price if hired to provide routine protection for your house, which a security system may also cover. Simply by being there, the message to would-be thieves that the home has goods worth the effort might result in unwanted attention being drawn to the property. We spoke to people knowledgeable in security, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of employing security guards. Some people believe that hiring security guards is the best option. In contrast, others believe that security systems should be used daily, and those security guards should only be a rare option.

“Although we get many inquiries regarding the possibility of providing security guards for residential properties, this is something we would never recommend for several reasons. It would be much more beneficial to the customer to have a home security system installed, including cameras, electronic alarm systems, and other appliances. The cost of hiring security guards would be extreme to the level of protection they would deliver to the client. Having a security guard monitoring your residence may also draw unwelcome attention. In densely populated residential areas, it may create problems while implementing covert security measures, which may increase the risk of your home being targeted if a security guard is not present.

Last but not least, security personnel instruct to stay on the lookout for and record any unusual events throughout a shift. These circumstances can include the existence of potentially dangerous individuals on the premises or the disappearance of particular acquisitions. The only thing they would be there to prevent in a residential home is a burglary, and in most instances, guards are instructed to vamoose any difficult circumstances up to the regional police. This gives them the same utility as an automatic alarm system.

Head of Security Operations for the Region

Security guards are effective for immediate action, while security systems cover all possible measures.

Even though having a security guard, you act if there is a security breach, the guard can only watch a certain number of areas of your property at once. When you have a complete security package, your home security system will protect every part of your home to the highest standard possible. Purchasing a home security package gives you further control over your measures to protect your property.

When looking to hire a home security guard, it may be inquiring whether or not their previous experience is reliable. You can embark on extensive study and learn the safety precautions you are setting into place in your house when you have a home security system. And because there are so many different security systems available today, it is pretty easy to compare prices and pick one that meets your demands.

Potential Criminals Can Be Discouraged by Security Guards

If you have the financial resources, you must hire a security guard for your residence. Employing a home security guard may significantly lower the likelihood that your home will break into or that your belongings will steal.

An armed security guard who has received proper training and certification may operate as an active deterrent, which can undoubtedly assist in securing your house and family. When confronted with a deterrent of any kind, particularly an active deterrent, would-be thieves, such as those who steal packages or places, often give the situation some thought before continuing.

It is very uncommon for famous persons, athletes, and other wealthy people to have their security systems complete with guards that watch over their residences around the clock.

Because an attempted burglary is considered a “confirmed” crime-in-progress, the police may be sent out to the scene immediately if one occurs.

Only under exceptional or unusual circumstances is the employment of security guards required. Since so many clever home security systems are available today, it would make sense to only retain a security guard in extraordinary or unusual circumstances requiring human interaction.

The screening of potential wedding crashers is one example of this, as is the protection of your family if they endanger you. Suppose the property will be vacant for a significant length of time. In that case, this might also include employing a security guard to undertake frequent patrols of the property to provide you with peace of mind.

If this is not possible, security measures like alarms and cameras may install in and around the property. This will prevent employing a security guard, saving you money.

It could also assist you in saving money on your homeowner’s insurance. A wise home insurance discount may be available to policyholders who install innovative home technology, such as a Secure Alarm System or a Ring Video Doorbell.

Home security is an area of expertise for Metropolitan security guards in Melbourne. There is no need to hire a home security guard if you don’t have valuables worth millions of dollars scattered all over the home (jewelry, fine art, computers, etc.).

This is the basic answer. If you’re nervous about something and have the norms to fix it, you should. But in most cases, there is no need for it unless there is a particular need, such as the possibility that someone would be murdered or kidnapped.

Metropolitan Guards has many decades of experience in security, so if you need our assistance, kindly contact us.

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