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A renowned Australian-owned security firm dedicated to providing security services solutions to companies, people, and the community. Metropolitan Guards is highly experienced in providing high-quality security services in Melbourne  that meet the needs of our clients and the regulations and laws that apply to them. Our company constantly endeavors to be better. People at Risk Protect Guard Services care about their health and safety and try to make their jobs as cordial as possible. Metro Guards services are available for all mining sites, construction sites, warehouses, factories, retail malls, hospitals, chemists/pharmacies, corporate buildings, residential areas, aged care homes, schools, universities, and other locations.Corporate events, athletic events, trade exhibitions, religious gatherings, cultural festivals, nightclubs, bars, private parties, weddings, engagement parties, concerts, hotels, and other entertainment events  may benefit from our crowd control and event security  services. Our company offer across Western Australia and regional Western Australia, including Melbourne. We are quick to respond to your security requirements and are always accessible. We specialize in delivering such level of security that benefit your company while acting in the community’s best interests.

Guards of Honor

Whether you need a fully uniformed or hidden guard to protect your premises or property, our dependable and skilled security officers have the essential expertise. Our Security & Risk Management Team evaluates your circumstances before recommending appropriate security people for you and your location.

Commercial buildings, Security  for construction sites, factories, gatehouses, hospitals and pharmacies, mine sites, residential and development areas, retail and shopping centers, schools and universities, warehouses, yards, and other places. Security required is all serviced by our experienced security guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our availability


Security, Front of House, and Customer Service workers at Metropolitan Guards Concierge are all security licensed and experienced.

Defending your assets

Criminal activity exists all around the globe, including in Australia, and huge businesses are often the focus of such action.

Personal Security

Metropolitan Guards have high-profile individuals, and anyone in danger may hire skilled bodyguards and close personal protection agents.

Officers in charge of loss prevention

Our loss prevention officers are chosen based on a set of fundamental abilities.

Monitoring via CCTV

One of the essential services is a workforce trained in CCTV operation. For total safety, CCTV is necessary.

Organizing Events

Are you searching for a dependable security provider for your next event? Metropolitan guards is a trustworthy security  providing organization for events.

Control Room

Your corporate organization’s, research center’s, or complex’s security centers are in a control room.

Officers on Patrol

We have experienced and well-trained patrol guards that can protect your life and belongings from theft.

Security that fixes

Several companies require static security: warehouses and retail malls, in particular.

Controlling the crowd

Uniformed Crowd Controllers are in charge of keeping an eye on the crowd/patron behavior.

Patrols on the Move

Our high-visibility patrol fleet covers the whole of Melbourne C.B.D. and the surrounding suburbs.

Officers who work in customer service

To help our clients achieve their goals, Metropolitan guards provide on-demand training to our security professionals.

Asset and Property Insurance

Metropolitan Guards has extensive expertise in dealing with a wide range of events. We will find a solution that fits your budget, no matter how big or little the project is. Our expertise and experience guarantee that your event runs well, ensuring everyone’s safety and pleasure. Metropolitan Guards has worked with W.A. leading suppliers, and we can help with R.S.A. offices, hosts, and event staffing if needed.

Shopping Centers and Retail

Static Security Officers provided by Metro Guards to big construction firms and retail malls. We can create a security plan that suits your requirements, whether asset protection, concierge services, or work site security.

Reasons to Prefer Metropolitan Security Guard Services

Members of Our Group

Metropolitan Guards has provided security services in Melbourne for many years. Since then, the security guards we recruit have shared the same enthusiasm for collaboratively safeguarding our clients.

Others’ Reputation

The diverse insights that each member of the Metropolitan Guards Team contributes to the team are highly valued. Our ability to connect the most significant workers with unique places and diversity genuinely sets us apart. “Give Respect” is our only guideline for respect.

Security for Everyone

At Metropolitan Guards, we endeavor to deliver unrivaled security services in Melbourne. Metropolitan guards found on the principle that our customers are the reason we exist, making us one of Australia’s top security guard  services company. We cherish our convictions and cultivate a culture of service excellence with a pure will to achieve.

We can confidently declare that “We’re excellent at safeguarding your people, property, and events” and that we are the top security service companies in Perth since we can face and defuse any crisis.


Metropolitan Guards provides security  in cities around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. When our customers have questions, our security staff is there to help them around the clock, every day. We are devoted to offering cost-effective security services in Melbourne with the most competent and highly qualified workforce as the demand for Static Security Guards and Officers.

Our Company

Metropolitan Guards is the most rapidly expanding security company, owned and run by Australians. We’ve increased as a provider of licensed uniformed and plain-clothed security guards, offering a wide range of security services in Melbourne in response to changing customer demands.

Metropolitan Guards has the knowledge and dedication to provide excellent service to large and small security customers. We take a professional, flexible approach to security, customizing it to our client’s requirements while anticipating future demands and providing a solution that offers peace of mind at a reasonable price.

 Metropolitan Guards can guard anything from tiny businesses and retail outlets to influential organizations, parking lots, and multi-story buildings. Security is now a must for both people and companies because of rises in crime, like theft and vandalism.

Primary Purpose Of Metropolitan Guards

The Metropolitan Guards’ primary purpose is to safeguard the lives and property of the consumers we serve, following industry best practices.

We make it a point to provide unrivaled, individualized quality assurance. Whether your security problems are home or commercial, local or worldwide, big or small, Metro Guards has a solution for you in every emergency.

To accomplish this, the Metropolitan Guards will analyze, amend, and refresh all policies and procedures as needed while attempting to address any concerns that may occur proactively.

We want to be the desired security guard services provider for everyone we work with and commit to doing so with unwavering honesty, knowledge, discretion, and good judgment. Customers, workers, communities, and industries we work with are all part of this commitment. Thanks

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