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When you start a business, the first thing that matters most is the security of your site. For this purpose, hiring Loss prevention security officers is vital to make your business safe. Because managing a retail business comes with a ton of responsibilities. The primary concern while running a retail business is to secure employees, customers, and your merchandise. Many people visit retail stores daily; with a vast number of people visiting retail stores, the rate of crimes, including shoplifting, vandalism, and parking lot crimes, became a real threat to retail businesses. The first line of security defense to secure your retail business is to hire professional Retail security guards. Thoroughly trained and experienced retail security guards ensure to book your retail business in terms of security services, ultimately bringing peace of mind to business owners. Devoted Retail security guards are fully trained in identifying any suspicious activity or behavior toward people at the site. If you are looking to hire professional and trustworthy security guards, then Metropolitan Guards Services is the best option.

Loss Prevention/ Retail Security Guards Services at Metropolitan Guards:

Being a reliable security services provider in Australia, We are providing fully trained loss prevention officers in Melbourne for many years. We ensure that our skilled security services team will never disappoint you in these situations. Metropolitan Guards got high-security standards in any retail business. That’s why you don’t need to worry about whether you want us to secure your boutique, supermarket, or departmental store; we get you fully protected.


 Metropolitan Guards possesses exceptional cross-sector knowledge and expertise to deal with a broad range of unwanted security incidents in retail businesses. Metropolitan Guards They can deal with every possible threat regarding security and also have solutions to make sure that your customers and staff are fully protected. We, as leading security services company in Melbourne Australia, ensure that your assets and other important belongings are secured.


Metropolitan Security Guards also provides loss prevention services to retailers requiring high security.

Our fully trained retail security guards perform as ambassadors for your property. They stay vigilant, active and always accessible to assist your clients, staff and public. If they observe any undesired activity or behavior at the site, they will take strict and prompt reactions. We provide a complete range of retail security services for your business, whether it’s a shopping mall, independent shop or department store.


Our team is fully experienced in providing high-standard retail security services for identifying theft and embezzlement at the site. Our qualified team implements effective loss prevention strategies to eradicate losses.


Metropolitan Guards offer several Loss Prevention/Retail Security Services

Following services are offered:

External Threats

Outside business or company  threats  including shoplifting or fully organized crimes happens on regular basis which cause several issues to owners and employees. Metropolitan Guards provides fully trained loss prevention officers for dealing with  these kind of situations.

Internal Threats

Threats that are directly given to employees are included in internal threats. These sorts of threats happen almost every year in a large number. Our Retail Security guards are fully capable of dealing with internal threats to protect your business or company.

Improved customer service

Most retailers do not think of retail security in the first place. However, the fact is that the retail security guards are often the first person seen by your clients. If the customers have any queries while shopping at your store, they may need a security guard to assist. Professional retail security guards will comprehend your business and have the capability to assist customers with their questions and security concerns. In addition to helping customers, security guards give your customers peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

In addition to the benefits listed above, retail security services provide you with something even more important: peace of mind. Retail security guards can reduce security threats and respond in an emergency. Professional and highly qualified security guards can give you confidence that your business is secure, even if you are far from buildings.

The Presence Uniformed Security

The presence of a security guard wearing a uniform at the entrance of your shop or office is an effective way to send a strong message to any upcoming burglar or thief. This, in turn, has proven to be effective in reducing shoplifting, burglaries, etc. You will be representing – our store is safe.


Loss prevention is a measurable service in security. Possible theft and recovered property are recorded, so it’s easy to see “your money at work.” Metropolitan Guard Services may provide the client with a complete analysis in monthly or quarterly reports so that the client can easily monitor the effectiveness of the loss prevention program.

At Last, Metropolitan Security Guards Service in Melbourne is one of the leading security guards agencies providing the best loss prevention officers; due to its dealing and managing all sorts of security issues, whether it’s any stealing of property, valuable, construction site equipment/tools, or mismanagement or threats at any formal or informal event, or any threats to you and your business and any other security issues Metropolitan Security Guards Services is the name you can fully trust for your safety and protection regarding your retail business.

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