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Concierge security is all about quality. Unlike a parking facility or a mobile patrol, interaction with the customer is paramount. Your  concierge security guard must be presentable, polite, and well trained. It must be aware with your building’s policies. And they need to recognize the names and faces of the people who live and work in the building. Another requirement of the reception staff is to have a polite conversation with the residents of the building or the office staff. A good concierge security guard must combine the roles of receptionist and security guard. This requires a good understanding of communication, a commitment to excellence in presentation, and heightened situational awareness. 

Access control

A typical concierge security guard is located at the reception of the building, right at the entrance. Most often, in office buildings, one or more security guards at the front desk have the primary duty of access control. Regular employees will usually have an access card that they can.

Concierge security guard services will be responsible for checking guests in at the front desk when they arrive for the meeting. Security personnel will rely more heavily on their authorized entrants’ database and surveillance systems in a high-rise downtown office building. 

In smaller premises, it may be possible for the guard to know all relevant persons entering and leaving the building. In some cases, it may be necessary for security to escort someone from the building, such as after a fight. 

On these rare chances, our staff has the finesse and tact to quietly and efficiently remove the people with minimal disruption.

In more secure facilities, such as a museum or government building, it is often necessary to put the bag through a scanner and a metal detector. Officers are authorized to evict people from the facility if they spot any suspicious activity. 

Concierge security guard services are experienced in a spectrum of access management protocols and can quickly adapt them to your building’s needs.

Concierge services

Some more extensive facilities have a check-in room, and officers can check in or check out passengers’ bags. Others may allow package insertion.

 Not all site inquiries come through foot traffic. Many security concierge staff also operate the venue’s phone lines or email addresses. These officers must be trained in proper telephone etiquette. The concierge guard ensures that all receptionists have the skills to perform the customer service parts as consistently as their security details.

In an office building security guards must be trained to contact the office manager or building manager properly. They must maintain a professional demeanor and appropriate attire at all times. Guard officers have strict standards of personal hygiene and appearance. 

All officers must maintain strict standards of decorum throughout their service. They will also tailor the uniform to what is required for the job. In an office environment, this can mean a more professional look. At the mall, that would mean different clothes.

 Officers in these roles will receive additional training in non-public functions, such as patrolling an empty parking lot. A smile and a reassuring presence set leaves a good impression when dealing with customers.

In Emergency

Concierge security officers are security first and door attendants second. In an emergency, they turn the security console into a command and control center to keep everyone in the building safe. They will supervise the evacuation if necessary. 

They will correspond with the local police or other emergency services. Whether your team is armed or unarmed, concierge officers can respond calmly and quickly to any situation.

 Security guards can oversee any necessary procedures depending on the level of security you need and the level of technology you have available.

During regular hours, they monitor security cameras and watch for potential threats. They are also trained to file accurate incident reports. Any security event must be recorded in case the information becomes relevant later in another case. Another significant factor is deterrence. Uniformed security personnel at the reception desk assures those entering and leaving the building that everything is under control. Anyone who would be a criminal will be intimidated by the added obstacle.

Safety is all about peace of mind. With Metropolitan Guards taking care of your concierge security, you can have peace of mind. Not only will your deposit be of the highest quality, but your brand and reputation will be safe in the hands of our professional and courteous  security staff.

Our concierge security guard services in Melbourne are highly trained to provide protection and friendly customer service. They can sign for packages, greet visitors, direct guests, and many other roles to assist the busy concierge staff. 

They can help concierges simplify the difficult task of managing the flow of people in and out of buildings. They may also conduct regular building patrols and perimeter surveys to check that all areas are safe.

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