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Mobile Patrol security Guard in Melbourne has become important and a new normal for natives. As we all know, in 2020, when a pandemic took hold worldwide, people suffered globally. Meanwhile, Business owners had to be extra vigilant in taking care of empty and closed offices, retail stores, and commercial outlets. It was the time when Mobile Patrol Security Guards stepped in to take care of those closed sites and offices. Then, Mobile Patrol  security became a necessity for monitoring all kinds of businesses. Even Covid-19 almost left its place, but still, nowadays, it calls on us to take appropriate actions if needed. Regardless of the constraints you faced regarding your business during these crucial times; all companies were susceptible to loss. Anticipating the future and anticipating appropriate solutions with lock-in will only help sustain the business. In addition, the integrated services industry needs to keep abreast of the changing scenarios. Security experts believe the rise in crime during and after the lockdown should not be taken lightly. The best way to prevent threats like vandalism is to hire a mobile patrol security service.

A 24-hour security company like Metropolitan Guard Services provides uniformed and trained mobile patrol security to attend and perform patrol services is the answer in this recovery phase.

 Places like:

  • Corporate sectors
  • Construction sites
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels and shopping centers
  • Large manufacturing plants and others…

Advantages of mobile patrol security guards:

Available, trained, and uniformed officers

With well-equipped vehicles and trained uniformed officers, mobile patrolling of the campus or grounds becomes reliable. Its visibility and lively security protocol also impart a sense of peace among the public. This security measure helps us prevent crimes before they happen.

Mobility and availability 24*7

Metropolitan Guards provides mobile patrol security guards on duty 24*7 shifts, always available to patrol your premises at any time.

Their training and skills allow them to react quickly to threatening situations; with the ability to schedule the presence of mobile patrol security anytime, whether day or night, you don’t have to worry about any potential threats. In addition, our Mobile security guards are not limited to a specific location.

 We’ve covered you if you wish to secure and protect off-site, remote locations!

Basic vehicle equipment

Every mobile patrol vehicle must contain this equipment to remain ready in an emergency.

  1. System of security patrols and documents
  2. Equipment for maintenance
  • Starter cables
  • Oil and fuel
  • Extra tire
  • Mobile toolkit
  1. Emergency equipment
  • Medical kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Reflectors
  1. Digital communication equipment
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • GPS navigator
  • Phone charger
  1. Misc
  • Headlamps and torches
  • Extra battery
  • Handcuffs
  • Work gloves

We use cars that are always well maintained and in perfect driving condition. In addition to the above requirements, our vehicles are equipped with additional kits according to the following:

  • City and state maps
  • Fuel and service cards
  • Insurance card and accident package
  • Additional safety equipment based on specific customer needs

Electronic communication

Metropolitan Guards Services mobile patrol security officers provide force management that enables GPS tracking, real-time alerts and incident reporting, and reliability. 

This technology offers an internal electronic network to manage a well-designed communication platform’s regular checks and balances. Using electronic communication only allows us to reduce misunderstandings and silly mistakes.

A legal method

Potential criminals will be less likely to spy on an area if they know guards are patrolling. Having a mobile security patrol on your premises will also make it easier to report any suspicious activity or even report suspicious persons. 

This should be the only reason all business owners should consider mobile patrol security guards, especially those who own large areas or need to cover and secure valuable equipment.

Rapid emergency response

Mobile patrol security guard services are better equipped than other security guard services and can respond immediately to natural or criminal events. Therefore, this approach offers a more active and engaging way of security.

Cost-effective security services

Compared to static security guard services, mobile patrol security is relatively cheaper. Investing in a mobile patrol security guard will ensure you use your budget as efficiently as possible and don’t overspend in low-risk areas.

 However, this does not mean mobile security patrols are entirely replaceable. We recommend a combination of mobile security patrols and static security guard services if your budget allows.

Our Take

Unlike other security guard services, Metropolitan Guards offers mobile patrol security guard, including professional officers who patrol the entire facility or designated areas on foot or in a vehicle.

 That said, our mobile security patrols are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to the new routine’s needs and requirements.

For further inquiries, dial 1300 73 11 73 to get information on how we can help you.

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