5 Responsibilities of a Building Security Officer

Every 3.7 seconds, a property crime is reported in Australia, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This includes breaking, shoplifting, and stealing motor vehicles from any residence, house, apartment complex, mobile home, or dwelling. As a result, many residential management companies hire building and apartment security guards in Melbourne for their properties. These services provide more than a trivial contribution to the project’s total cost. They come with various benefits, some of which you may not even be aware of.

Maintain security on the premises and in the parking

Effective crime prevention measures at an apartment complex include mobile patrols using vehicles. Parking lots are notorious hotspots for criminal activity, particularly in lots with inadequate lighting and not monitored by security officers.


 Security guards go on their rounds regularly to look for signs of suspicious activity and neutralize any potential dangers they discover.


Security guards collaborate closely with management to identify the areas of the property that provide the most risk of being targeted by criminals. They plan out the most effective strategies for conducting preventive patrols.

Keep track of visitors and control access

Being able to trust a trained professional to manage access to an apartment complex is a key component of feeling safe.  Security Officers check in and check out visitors on a regular basis to make sure that only tenants and guests are present in the building.


Building and Apartment security Guards are also helpful in regularly managing any vendors’ entrance and exit to the property. If there is ever a security breach at your apartment complex, keeping a diary of who comes and leaves from the complex might help determine who the perpetrator is.

Put an end to illegal behavior

The mere presence of a security officer at your apartment complex often deters thieves from committing crimes there. If visible security guards are on your site, potential burglars, vandals, and assailants will think twice about entering your building.


Residents also benefit from the peace of mind provided by guards. This is because they know they are safeguarded by certified, highly trained security guards who can respond appropriately to any security danger.

Attend to matters of critical importance

In the tragic event of a security breach, security guards are trained to respond quickly and effectively. Guards can react quickly to an alarm or emergency call since they are stationed on the premises.


They can often do so before law enforcement gets to the location. Security guards are taught to interact with emergency services calmly and collected as part of their role as first responders. This assists in properly managing stressful circumstances.

Maintain communication with both management and law enforcement

Our Security guards  have records on file detailing every safety incident on the premises. Their information helps management better coordinate with other departments to fix existing security holes.

In addition, apartment security guards get training on how to communicate effectively with members of the law enforcement and emergency medical services communities if such communication is necessary.

If security guards cannot mitigate a danger or do not have the power to do so, they will contact the appropriate agency. This will ensure that assistance is on its way.

Metro guards have been the foremost source of skilled  Security guards, for more than 25 years now. This makes them the industry leader.

Our customers have repeatedly placed their faith in us to fulfill their requests for professional, off-duty law enforcement and military personnel at the time and location of their choosing.

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