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Celebrities and VIP visit to national capital always create hype and to handle the pressure of situation they are provided with security guards to escort them when giving public appearance. Trained VIP security guards, bouncers can detect the stranger attack and other disturbance from the crowd, which is necessary to be predicted in order to safeguard the personality. Corporate security services is now of high demand

Ensuring your event runs smoothly take advantage of using qualified and trained Event Stewards, Door Supervisors, Event Supervisors and Event Managers.

Security services also include:

  • VIP and Close Protection
  • Back stage security
  • Car Park Security
  • Traffic Management
  • Stop and Search
  • Door Supervisor

Security guard’s role might involve protecting wealthy people, political figures, celebrities, visiting dignitaries or various professionals. A security guard protects clients from threats, imminent dangers and even possible kidnapping. Bodyguard training depends on the particular type of work.

Security measures bodyguards take when guarding a client facing daily risks with the public could include ensuring rooms, buildings or vehicles are free from potential dangers. As a security guard, you might check for bomb devices, any kind of weapons or bugging equipment for the client’s protection and safety. Guards may use complex communications systems, such as night or heat vision equipment and electronic devices, to check vehicles or other objects for the protection of a client.

Security Guard duties often include research and intelligence gathering to identify risk factors or form an operational plan for your client’s protection.

Guards observe all surroundings while protecting a client, such as checking exits and entrances as well as interacting with area security personnel not part of the client’s security team. Monitor or authorize entrances and departure of employees, visitors and other persons to maintain security.

Duties might include reporting daily activities or irregularities in equipment or property damage. Patrol industrial or commercial properties to prevent or detect signs of impending problems for a client. Also include screening individuals in a specific area where a client is about to approach, warning people about violations or rule infractions on certain premises and inspecting or adjusting security systems. Duties might include answering telephone calls or taking messages to provide information for your client.






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