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Safety is a primary concern now a day with crime rate going up day by day. Security guards are a good bet to safeguard our personal and professional assets. With trained security guards guarding us we can live a stress-free life. The word Static means that the officer is dedicated to that property and will […]

Dealing with danger can be scary. It’s hard to focus on your work or enjoy downtime when you’re worried about the safety of your properties, your employees, your family or yourself. Choosing to hire a static guard can relieve all of the stress that goes into maintaining security. Trusting security team can provide you with […]

A static guard is one who is designated a specific area and has the duty to guard that area until relieved. Static guards are those which are usually assigned at entrances and exits. Static guards sometimes have to conduct inspection on people who are passing their posts. Basically, they are the first line of security […]

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. You need to secure your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to them. Static security is most often used to control access to buildings or offices. The officer remains at one location ensuring that only authorized […]

In today’s uncertain world, the security of businesses and professionals is at a premium. You need to know how to protect your investment, facilities, staff, and yourself. Otherwise, the result could be failed projects, reduced efficiency, additional costs, injury, illness, and even death, along with high insurance premiums. In many businesses, nowadays, hiring a security […]

If you manage an institution that handles financial services, you are aware of the concern for security. Security firms provide executive financial banking security guards and patrol services for hire who keep order, protect your property, enforce regulations, and ensure the safety of employees and clients. We recognize that security needs can vary widely in […]

The vast majority of the losses are attributable to retail theft. This makes retail theft one of the biggest problems facing small business retailers today. Top-of-the-Line Options for Reducing Retail Theft: If you are a larger small-business in Melbourne who deals in higher-end merchandise and has problems with retail theft, it may be worth spending […]

  Metropolitan Guard Services has years of experience in Melbourne security industry. We have been providing organizations with a professional security guards and other protection services. We ensure our clients are provided with expert security guards that are supported by extensive training, advanced technology and a passion for customer care. Retail shopping centre security includes: […]

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