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Do you need your property checked regularly to deter criminal activity and ensure that all is safe and secure? Perhaps doors must be locked or unlocked at specific times, or critical gauges checked periodically? For office buildings, strip malls, condominiums, parking lots, industrial parks, warehouse facilities and construction sites, mobile patrol checks are the smart solution wherever it is cost prohibitive to have a security officer stationed full-time on the premises.

Each security officer is expected to spend a significant portion of each shift patrolling the site, either on foot or in a security vehicle. The primary purpose of a foot patrol is to observe conditions in and around buildings, parking lots and events in premises.

Mobile Security Patrols are tailored to the client’s requirements and are often used to carry out periodic checks on premises and equipment. Security patrol service provides early crime detection, and deters would be criminals and vandals from attempting to gain access to premises. Typically, the pattern of calls is kept random to prevent observers working out a predictable routine.

Every business has different requirements and how important it is that your security solution is tailored to your needs. This is why Mobile Patrols are carried out by SIA Licensed Security Guards, in marked patrol vehicles. These kinds of Patrols are popular in schools, retail parks, industrial areas, car parks and building sites.


Security Patrols Services inludes:

  • Vehicle patrol of exterior areas of assigned locations
  • Foot patrol of interior/exterior areas of assigned locations
  • Observe and report suspicious activities and persons
  • Write detailed narrative reports and maintain daily activity reports
  • Enforce rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and respond to emergency situations requiring security assistance
  • Use of innovative, wireless technology for checkpoints and requirements, immediate synchronization, reports, forms and locations in real-time (client specific sites)
  • Full time and part time shifts available








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