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Bouncers are security guards that work at clubs, bars and music venues to help keep order, and make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. They monitor people by checking I.D.s and cover charge at the door make sure nobody is acting aggressively or destructively, and protects property and equipment from damage

A bouncer is a person who oversees safety in an event. They preserve order among patrons to protect the property where the event is being held. They guarantee that everything goes smoothly, safety wise, during the entire duration of an event.

Bouncers are security guards in disguise and every bartender’s best friend on call. They are actually responsible for the good or bad image of any night club. Having patient and tactful bouncers is essential for any night club looking to be in the good books of their customers. It’s often seen that clubs usually hire security guards and bouncers that have a good built and height. This not only intimidates the guests, but also helps keep things in order. However, now a days it’s common practice to see many elegantly dressed door men and bouncers.

The best bouncers don’t bounce anyone…they manage people. The mere presence of a well-trained bouncer should remind the patron that their conduct is being monitored. To be effective a bouncer needs professional training on how to manage and control a packed house. Bouncers must watch over the club so it does not get too intense, the crowd too large, and keep a sharp eye out for intoxicated patrons. In a nightclub setting the combination of too much alcohol, testosterone, and machismo can sometimes lead to physical fights over seemingly insignificant issues.

Bouncers are now hired on contract through security guard companies with proper training and skills. The duty of a bouncer is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves and follows the house rules. The goal should be to see that everyone has a good time, but within limits. The best bouncers are mature, personable, friendly, and can talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating. Not all bouncers should be male.

  • A bouncer in a club or disco usually is a doorman as well. They are responsible in doing searches on all of the people entering the premises. Bouncers confiscate contrabands that are deemed to be unsafe for the particular event.
  • They also check identifications to make sure that everyone entering the event is of legal age if necessary. Bouncers need to be strong willed and should not be selective of people who wants to take part of an event since state laws about minors presence in an event not designed for them is a criminal liability.
  • Bouncers maintain overall safety of an event and makes sure that everyone acts accordingly to avoid mishaps that may happen when things go out of control. A bouncer is calm and collective and knows the first thing that they need to do in an event something goes wrong. They also provide preventive measures to ultimately avoid any unwanted occurrence.
  • To patrol and protect guests as well as staff from any improper or lewd acts.
  • To warn and evict the guilty tactfully.
  • To inform the police when and where it is necessary.





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