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In everyday life, security is one of the issues that you have to pay attention to. Meaning, you have to pay equal attention to your personal security as well as to security of your office property.

Taking security measures starts with your behavior the moment you enter your office building parking lot and ends with your behavior in your work space.

Consider these security tips listed below, and you will surely improve your office security:

  • Have your parking lot and office building covered with security cameras and properly lighted.
  • Ensure that uninvited and unannounced guests can’t enter the building.
  • Wear identity badges : Make sure to have the full name and a picture of an employee on all identity badges. Also, provide office clients with guest identity badges. This is one of the basic security measures you can use to ensure you know everyone who is coming and going out of the building.

Using security guards is an increasingly popular form of office security. Guards can be used in two ways: to monitor the front desk of a company or building (the access control point); or, to patrol the grounds of a larger company or office complex.

Security guards are the best on the market. Office security professionals are trained to always put the client first, and work closely with supervisors to develop custom solutions for every event to which they are assigned. Security team will work with you to figure out what the biggest potential dangers at your office party or event are, so you can keep yourself protected.

Responsibilities of office security guards at office parties Include:

  • Identifying visitors
  • Monitoring alarms
  • Monitoring windows
  • Guarding against theft
  • Monitoring entrances and exits
  • Walking guests to their vehicles
  • Asking for identification (if necessary)
  • Responding to life-threatening situations
  • Escorting unwanted guests off the premises
  • Checking bags, purses, and pockets for suspicious items

Investing in a security guard is the only way to ensure the safety of your event.





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