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Security Patrol is one of the most effective tools you as a customer can deploy for your business. Fully marked Security Patrol vehicles arrive at random times through the night with each time being different from the last. This service is most effective because trespassers don’t know when to expect

Patrol is useful with:

  • Plaza patrol
  • Youth and gang removal
  • Fire watch
  • Alarm response
  • By-law enforcement
  • Park patrol
  • Bike patrol
  • Community Patrol

Special Security services  offers a vehicle-based night  security patrol service that drives around the inner and out areas of your property insuring that any would be intruders are well aware that the property has pro-active security! This is repeated however many times the client wishes per day/night. Night security patrol will assign your property to a local security patrol consisting of other properties in the area. Security vehicle will patrol your property throughout the night. The security patrol offers a high security presence at substantially less cost than an on-site security guard on foot or on a bicycle. Private patrol service that will randomly monitor your business, construction site, or residence 1 or more times a night. during the day or night 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Security Patrol

  • High-profile marked vehicle patrols
  • Random Security Patrols of your Property – (Residential, Commercial, Construction Sites & Industrial)
  • Private Residential Community Patrols – (Homeowner Associations, Apartment and Condominium Complexes, Hotels & Resorts, Sub-Divisions, Individual Homes)
  • Business Patrols – (Individual Businesses, Business Parks, Business Associations & Groups, Shopping Centers, Business Condos, etc…)
  • Dedicated (non-roving) security patrol is also available for properties or circumstances that require a full time security patrol presence and surveillance

The officer will observe and report any suspicious persons, activity or incidents in the area and conduct traditional crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws. In the case of an incident, the officer will notify both local law enforcement and the business owner/resident.

The following is a listing of the services available through the use of a random security patrol:

  • Interior building inspections

All client checkpoints are electronically recorded

  • External building inspections

Random checks of parking lots, vehicles, storage lots and out buildings, along with the exterior lighting, doors and windows

  • System checks

Physically monitor your facilities or other operating systems and interior doors and lighting

  • Security escorts

Provide escort security for your employees or clients to parking lots or other areas of the facility as required

  • Warning decals

As an extra measure of security, security decals for your doors, windows, out buildings or any other areas you deem necessary

  • Security systems

Activate or deactivate security systems

  • Bank drops

Escort your employee to the bank.

  • Lock & Unlock service

Open and close your business or facility according to your specifications. This service is especially beneficial to malls, industrial parks, churches or small and large businesses

Security officers are also required to file a Daily Activity Report (DAR) and submit a written report of any activity outside the normal scope of business






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We only provide security guards, crowd controller and patrol services, for more information please give us a call 1300 73 11 73.


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