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Churches are organizations that have increasing concern about the safety and security of their congregations, pastors and staff. In light of growing terror threats within the region and beyond, churches and hotels are ramping up security measures over the Christmas period. In a worship environment of the Catholic Church, with some 200,000 people coming to worship, there is certainly a need to have such provision of security, so that the people who come can then worship in peace, without feeling the tension and the anxiety of the situation.

Following recent terror arrests in the world several churches in Melbourne are stepping up protective measures for festive events in upcoming days, such as conducting bag checks on churchgoers and visitors, hiring external security firms, and setting up dedicated committees to oversee security arrangements.

These measures are even more pertinent in light of recent terror threats. In Australia, police foiled a terror plot in Melbourne which targeted high-profile locations such as Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral. Many churches are now hiring self-defense instructors for classes or security guards that include off-duty police.

The importance of quality and experienced security services in our churches has never been greater. With the global increase in threats against religious beliefs, and violence in our churches and places of worship, having the right security service and protection in place is essential.

It’s a great strategy to impose safety precautions but churches should go a step further and either get their safety ministry professionally trained to handle crime on their church grounds or outright hire security officers and take the stress off the congregation as a whole.

Churches should involve their members and educate them about safety but they should also include a security training program that keeps them on top of their game in the event that a crime does break out on church grounds.

The safety measures will include uniformed and plain-clothes police officers at all weekend Masses along with hired security guards. They keep an eye on everyone and talk to the faces that aren’t familiar. Churches include security: large bags, backpacks, diaper bags, laptops, computer cases, luggage, video equipment, laser pointers, baby strollers, and anything that can conceal items or that clergy and staff determine poses a security hazard.  Add security cameras throughout its sprawling campus.




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