Industrial Guard Dog Protection Melbourne

Utilizing security guards and dogs as protection is an excellent way to increase safety and security in almost any location. Trust guard dogs and security guards to protect your residential or commercial property as well as your family, employees and belongings. All of our dogs are all professionally trained and maintained and all dogs act as a serious deterrent to thieves or vandals.

There are a number of options available for those who are looking to hire guard dogs to protect their property. One option is to hire a dog/person team. These guard dog teams provide excellent security in high risk situations such as strikes, VIP speeches, protests and other public gatherings. The goal here is to instill and maintain order in a particular location or among a crowd.
Another option is the more traditional form of a watch dog that works alone to secure an environment. These dogs are frequently placed in homes, commercial businesses, industrial lumberyards, junkyards, warehouses or other similar locations.

This type of guard service ensures 24-hour protection of your property. Whether a criminal attempt to strike during business hours or in the middle of the night, the guard dogs will immediately notice the presence of a criminal and bark loudly. This is a serious form of constant protection that will certainly keep your property safe.

MGS is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial guard dog services, offering advanced strategies and techniques that keep work sites and business premises safe from intruders. We are also able to offer specific guard dog requirements for individuals.

If you have a construction site or any property that’s left unattended, it needs protecting from intrusion, vandalism and theft. Our professionally trained and licensed security guard dogs and handlers make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets.

All our guard dogs are under the full control of the handler at all times. Our security guard dogs have to undertake training that not only ensures that they are fit and able to carry out their duties, but that they have the drive the intelligence to carry out shift without stress. Our security dog is checked for health, agility and of course security training to give them additional skills that are necessary for the job.

As a part of our initial security consultation, MGS will provide a risk analysis and assessment to accurately understand your specific needs. We also offer temporary site segregation services to provide secure perimeters for quick response deployment.

To inquire more about hiring one of MGS’ K9 Team security services, call 1300 73 11 73.





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