Earthworks Site Security Guards

Many construction sites need heavy equipment on site in order to complete the work. Of course, it is impractical to move these items from the company’s shop to the site each day. Therefore, most equipment is left on the site overnight. That means it is more susceptible to theft, so businesses need to do what they can to prevent any problems because these machines are expensive to replace.

Without a doubt, hiring a security guard at the construction site is the best way to deter theft. Doing so ensures that someone is always keeping a watchful eye over the area. This can stop a thief from even attempting to steal any piece of equipment. Therefore, any company can benefit from using one or two security guards on site at all times of day.

Security guards, also called security officers, patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. These workers protect their employer’s investment, enforce laws on the property, and deter criminal activity and other problems. They use radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical services as the situation dictates.

Site Security guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift. They also may interview witnesses or victims, prepare case reports, and testify in court. Although all security guards perform many of the same duties, their specific tasks depend on whether they work in a static security position or on a mobile patrol. Guards assigned to static security positions usually stay at one location for a specified length of time. These guards must become closely acquainted with the property and people associated with their station and must often monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras. In contrast, guards assigned to mobile patrol drive or walk from one location to another and conduct security checks within an assigned geographical zone. They may detain or arrest criminal violators, answer service calls concerning criminal activity or problems, and issue traffic violation warnings.







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