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Do you need your property checked regularly to deter criminal activity and ensure that all is safe and secure? Perhaps doors must be locked or unlocked at specific times, or critical gauges checked periodically? For office buildings, strip malls, condominiums, parking lots, industrial parks, warehouse facilities and construction sites, mobile patrol checks are the smart […]

Private investigators, also known as private detectives, are often hired to locate missing people, to obtain confidential or deliberately hidden information, and to participate in solving crimes. Private investigators work for law enforcement agencies, private investigation agencies, or are self-employed and work directly for private clients. Private detectives and investigators search for information about legal, […]

Safety is a primary concern now a day with crime rate going up day by day. Security guards are a good bet to safeguard our personal and professional assets. With trained security guards guarding us we can live a stress-free life. The word Static means that the officer is dedicated to that property and will […]

From private parties to corporate affairs, security guards adds a stabilizing presence to any event. Hire them as crowd control for large neighborhood gatherings, to ensure safety at a sorority party, or to manage the front door if you’re hosting a private party. The feeling of insecurity cannot be avoided. The humans are insecure from […]

A retail guard is an effective way to reduce the number of increased criminal incidents in the common retail sector today. Specially trained and fully vetted static officers protect property, stock and staff in the retail industry. Static Security Guards services includes: Detecting theft and suspicious activities Security tagging Monitor and authorize entrance and departure […]

Hiring a security guard has several benefits to all aspects of your business. Security guards provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your assets. Any business can benefit from a security guard. When you have a situation, it best calls for an increased visible presence at your property to ward off […]

Many construction sites need heavy equipment on site in order to complete the work. Of course, it is impractical to move these items from the company’s shop to the site each day. Therefore, most equipment is left on the site overnight. That means it is more susceptible to theft, so businesses need to do what […]

Security Clearance is needed to protect against threats from hostile intelligence services, cyber security threats, terrorists and other pressure groups. The results of the vetting process determine who can be given access to sensitive Government information or property. Security Protection Officer (SPO) must be able to perform the following:  Man posts (Standing or Walking for […]

Events which are open to the general public or which are held in open space offer particular safety and security challenges to the organizer. Any commercial event is a potential target for criminals, extremists and terrorists. Security must be addressed early in the planning process.  To provide security for a variety of events includes AGMs, […]

Crime rate, especially theft, increases majorly in the depth of the night, as most criminals understand that less people-activity leads to fewer chances of being caught. As far as security is concerned nightfall unfortunately marks the start of a whole new host of more sinister activities. Making for the perfect camouflage, vandals, thieves and intruders […]

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